NPOT Aluminum Folding Picnic Table Portable Camping Table Suitcase Table with Bench Outdoor with 4 Seats Metal Customized Modern


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NPOT Aluminum Folding Picnic Table Portable Camping Table Suitcase Table with Bench Outdoor with 4 Seats Metal Customized Modern


The NPOT Aluminum Folding Picnic Table with 4 Seats is a versatile piece of outdoor furniture suitable for various occasions. Its foldable design makes it perfect for family reunions, picnics, camping trips, buffets, or barbecues. The table is made of sturdy and durable aluminum alloy, ensuring stability and longevity. The impact-resistant tabletop is built to endure high impact and is ideal for long-term use. It also features a hole in the center for an umbrella. With its folding design, the table is easy to store and transport, making it convenient for daily use. The tabletop size is 86x66x66cm, the seat size is 28x28x40.5cm, and the folding size is 85x10x33cm. The table has a weight of 8.8kgs and a table capacity of 30kgs, while each chair has a capacity of 120kgs. Customized logos are available, and the product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Product Features:

  • Wide range of applications, suitable for outdoor activities, supermarkets, and warehouses
  • Modern design style enhances the aesthetic appeal
  • High-quality metal material ensures durability
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation
  • Tabletop size of 86x66x66cm provides ample space
  • Comfortable seat size of 28x28x40.5cm
  • Lightweight with a weight of 8.8kgs
  • Table capacity of 30kgs and chair capacity of 120kgs
  • Customizable logo for personalized branding
  • 1-year warranty for peace of mind

Product Description:

The NPOT Aluminum Folding Picnic Table with 4 Seats is a highly versatile outdoor furniture piece suitable for various occasions. Whether you are planning a family reunion, a picnic in the park, a camping trip, or hosting a buffet or barbecue, this table is the perfect addition to your setup. It offers comfortable seating for you and your guests, accommodating up to 4 people.

The table is constructed using high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring its stability and durability. You can rest assured that it will withstand the test of time and provide a reliable surface for all your outdoor activities. The impact-resistant tabletop is designed to endure high impact, making it super durable and ideal for long-term use. It also features a convenient hole in the center, allowing you to easily insert an umbrella for shade on sunny days.

Thanks to its folding design, this picnic table is incredibly easy to store and transport. When not in use, simply fold it up and stow it away until your next adventure. The compact size makes it convenient to carry, allowing you to take it anywhere you go.

The NPOT Aluminum Folding Picnic Table is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. With a modern design style, it adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. Whether you are hosting a casual gathering or a formal event, this table will elevate the ambiance and impress your guests.

The tabletop measures 86x66x66cm, providing ample space for food, drinks, and other items. The seat size is 28x28x40.5cm, ensuring comfortable seating for everyone. When folded, the table measures 85x10x33cm, making it easy to carry and store.

Despite its lightweight nature, weighing only 8.8kgs, this picnic table is highly durable. It has a table capacity of 30kgs, allowing you to place various items on top without worrying about stability. Each chair has a capacity of 120kgs, ensuring a sturdy seating experience for every individual.

To add a personal touch to your picnic table, you have the option to customize the logo according to your preferences. Whether you want to represent your company or simply want to personalize the table for a special occasion, we can accommodate your needs.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That is why we offer a 1-year warranty on this picnic table, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your purchase.

In conclusion, the NPOT Aluminum Folding Picnic Table with 4 Seats is a versatile and reliable outdoor furniture piece that will enhance your outdoor experience. Its modern design, sturdy construction, and convenient folding design make it the perfect addition to any outdoor setting. Whether you are planning a picnic, camping trip, or any other outdoor activity, this table will provide a comfortable and stylish solution.

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  1. Q: Is the picnic table easy to assemble?
  2. A: Yes, the picnic table is easy to assemble. Simply unfold it and secure the seats in place.

  3. Q: Can the table withstand outdoor weather conditions?
  4. A: Yes, the table is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. The aluminum alloy material is durable and resistant to corrosion.

  5. Q: Can the table be used with an umbrella?
  6. A: Yes, the table has a hole in the center to accommodate an umbrella, providing shade on sunny days.

  7. Q: Can the picnic table be easily transported?
  8. A: Yes, the picnic table is designed with a folding feature, making it easy to store and transport to different locations.

  9. Q: Is the seating comfortable?
  10. A: Yes, the seats are designed to provide comfort during use. The size and shape are suitable for adults.