Steel outdoor stadium seat/china stadium seats


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Steel Outdoor Stadium Seat/China Stadium Seats

The steel outdoor stadium seat/china stadium seats, model number Bleacher Seats, is a versatile seating option widely used in various multifunctional places. It is made of aluminum, providing durability and strength. The stadium seat is designed to accommodate 1-5 rows, customized according to your needs. Safety is ensured with a safe fence.

These outdoor stadium seats/china stadium seats are suitable for stadium and gym use, as well as garden benches or other outdoor spaces. The length options available are 3.4m and 4m. The seats are foldable and movable, equipped with wheels for easy transportation. The minimum order quantity is 1 set for 7 people, with customization options available. The stadium seats are ISO certified.

For packaging, bubble wrap is used, and customization is possible. The seats are packed in cartons for shipping. The port of delivery is Shanghai.

The steel outdoor stadium seat/china stadium seats have the advantage of space-saving. When the telescopic stand is pulled and extended into steps, you can enjoy all events sitting on the comfortable seating arrangement. When closed, it saves a lot of space and allows for other activities. The telescopic stand is available in manual and electric options, designed with a great structure, beautiful style, reliable safety measures, and accurate locations. It offers easy operation, convenient maintenance, and low noise.

The SHIZHANTruss bleacher system undergoes strict and precise calculation and testing. All its metal parts are hot-dip galvanized, ensuring resistance to shock, winds, high and low temperatures, wetness, acidity, and alkalinity.

Product Name Aluminum outdoor bleacher, seating gym seating system used bleachers
Material Aluminum alloy or steel customize
General Use Indoor metal bleacher
Size Customizable
Color Optional
* Telescopic grandstand seating, with tip-up (rise mounted) chairs
* Injection molding plastic seats, color could be selected by the client
* Electric drive or manual drive
* Including curtains & handrail on both sides of the bleachers, including carpet/PVC/steps
* Motor-driven bleachers will include electric device, motor, control key, etc.
Delivery Time 20-25 Days
Output 5000 Sets / Month
Loading Port Guangzhou, China
Payment TT/Western Union

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